The Sajeria


Brought together by their Lebanese roots, Lia & Ziad decided to share their love of Lebanese food and flavours with everyone in Amsterdam and so, The Lebanese Sajeria was born in 2015.

Over the next two years, The Lebanese Sajeria toured food markets and festivals across Amsterdam. It soon became a favourite with residents and tourists alike; something that led Lia & Ziad to open their first restaurant on Negen Straatjes in 2017 and another one on Utrechtsestraat in 2019

Born and raised in Lebanon, Ziad moved to Amsterdam in 2007. Having spent over fifteen years in the corporate world, he was ready to take his entrepreneurial skills to the next level.

In comes Lia, who as a child learned all about the power of good food growing up with her Lebanese grandparents in Vienna. Working as an artist in Amsterdam, Lia also received her Master’s degree from the Sandberg Institute. Her final art project, a food truck, was the inspiration behind The Lebanese Sajeria.